Hello~ I’m Jill, an artist with a passion for fantasy and cats. Here I will post pictures, video, and design in general that I do in my classes. Besides what I do for school, I am an artist that specializes in fantasy creature design.

Oregon is the state I call home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Though Cali isn’t out of the picture if I ever have the guts to move there, and if the Earthquake doesn’t destroy it first.) Here we have the perfect mix of the zany city life, and the peace of the natural word. It has influenced me, and my, art ever since I was little. My art reflects it too, usually being a mixture of both. An example being street animals. I have always been absolutely fascinated by them, so I end up drawing them all the time. I even have an entire story in my head about how they secretly band together in little animal nations, and roam the cities at night.

My fantasy obsession probably stems from my love of animals as well, my life is constantly surrounded by them, including always going to the Zoo, owning animals all my life, and volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society. Having constant interaction with them has also made me aware of just how pure they really are. I may even go as far as to say they may be better company than any human could ever hope to be. With those thoughts in my head, I make sure to design creatures that are genuine, plausible, and most of all beautiful, to end up with something divine.


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